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Welcome to the online reservation system of The PUB Prague 1


  • We are able to guarantee your reservation maximum 10 minutes from the requested time.
  • You can also book a table already booked, but only to the time of a previous reservation.
  • The latest time of a reservation is 21:00.
  • From Monday to Saturday we accept online reservations for a minimum of 5 people. For a smaller number, please contact us by phone at 222 312 296.
  • Reservations for TODAY can be done online until 17:00. After this time, please make reservations by phone at 222 312 296. 
  • To cancel your reservation please call 222 312 296 as soon as possible so that the table becomes available for other customers. 
  • We recommend paying attention to the part of the restaurant according to the atmosphere and choosing the table in the section that best suits your needs.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you!


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