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The newly opened and completely non-smoking, The PUB Ceske Budejovice can be found in the center garden strip called Na  Sadech 30.

Variety in the double floor space can not be denied. Ground floor with large windows is where you can watch the bustle around the Marian Square. You will appreciate this especially during the day, underground cellars will then offer more privacy at any hour of the day. In the basement you will find a beer tank facility that houses three tanks with a total volume of 1,500 liters.

Unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell you tap at total of 12 tables with self-service beer taps. Each self-service beer tap features a touch panel that allows you to track your beer consumption, to order food or drinks or to call the service directly from the table. To experience even more fun, join the beer game and measure forces with other guests.

Of course the food is excellent offering both Czech and international cuisine. For example try our legendary PUBburger!
We also prepare lunch menu daily at a discounted price and within The PUB Club you can have every 10th lunch for free!