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We appreciate Your interest
in becoming a licensee of
The PUB Pilsner Unique Bar Concept.
The PUB is a unique combination of gastronomy and entertainment. 
If you want run extraordinary and customer attractive restaurant and bar, 
The PUB Pilsner Unique Bar is the right choice!

   What do we expect?
  • Managing and interpersonal skills
  • A long lasting business relationship
  • Following the standards of quality, great service and outstanding cleanliness
  • Personal participation in daily business administration
  • No criminal record

What is an ideal location for a new branch?

  • City center with a minimum of 100 000 inhabitants
  • Minimum of 200 square meters of floor area /10 tables/
  • Open space inside area
  • Ground floor or underground floor

We are looking for strong investors with the perspective of becoming master franchisees in foreign countries. Master franchisee must operate at least one pilot project in the country where applying for masterfranchising contract.

To receive more information please fill out this APPLICATION FORM

or contact us:

The PUB Franchising s.r.o.

Prešovská 16
301 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic