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The PUB Prague 1 is a unique beer bar and restaurant in the very center of Prague 1. Let us attract you with some of the unique features of The PUB Prague 1, which is actually the flagship of The PUB chain as a whole.

  • Summer terrace

    In front of the entrance, we have prepared a pleasant summer terrace, where up to 20 people can be seated comfortably under the large marquee. The service on the terrace is a matter of course, as well as the complete menu.
  • Coctail bar

    Enjoy our new bar right at the entrance where you can savour our unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer, your favourite drink or a cocktail. Do you prefer a table? They are fully at your disposal from lunch time till late night when our bar livens up...

    For our Cocktail Menu click here.
  • Ground floor

    Continue a few meters into the heart of The PUB. At that moment you see a glass beer box with 4 gorgeous stainless steel tanks which can carry up to 4,000 liters of the best unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell beer. And here begins The PUB... 10 tables with self-service beer taps will quickly drag you in. Take a seat and let yourself float on a wave of great atmosphere and fun associated with drawing the best beer... On both floor´s WE DO NOT SMOKE at all.
  • Underground floor

    Do you prefer to sit at the bar or at the pub? Then hurry up, at the beer box take a left and down the stairs. At that moment you're at our bar where you can choose your favourite drink and maybe even meet new friends. Better beer? Then walk around the bar and you will find 10 more tables with the self-service beer taps. Do not hesitate, take a seat, draw your beer and see how you currently stand in our Beer Competition across all the Czech Republic, which runs on a large projection screen. Above all, have a great time!
  • Great beer

    The unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell Beer directly from the tanks has already been mentioned.

    You already know well that you can tap the beer by yourself.

    Each beer tap is equipped with a graphic touch screen which will allow you to monitor the beer volume, call the staff, order food and much more...
  • Excellent food

    Our chefs always prepare for you the best meals of Czech and International Cuisine. Everybody takes his pick. From beer specialties to real culinary treasures... (see our menu)

    Order your food easily, electronically, through our touch screens!

    Every working day we serve our valued-priced Lunch Menu.

    Every 10th lunch is for free!
  • Unique amusement

    Draw and play! Each table is connected on-line to a Beer Competition with other branches of The PUB across the country. Pit your strength against our guests in The PUB Pilsen, Liberec, Berlin, etc…

    Become members of The PUB Club, enjoy even more fun and get plenty of other advantages.

    In our bar we organize regular Events which are always associated with a quality brand for a super price and also great rewards. (see our program and photo gallery)

    Watch major Sport Events on our two projection and two large LCD screens.

    We always play cool music that will make you swing. Especially if you anchor at our bar ...

  • Social events

    Whether you are friends from school or colleagues from work, we always prepare a Social Event exactly the way you like.

    Celebrate anything with us and we take care of food, drinks, entertainment and your satisfaction. (more)

And the prices?
always competitive, always satisfactory (see our menu)

Come to visit us and let us make you happy!
On-line reservations can be done here.