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Guest Rules of The PUB Prague 6

  1. By entering the restaurant guests accept the rules as stated below.
  2. Guest rules are without prejudice to the obligations of guests from generally binding legal regulations, good manners, rules of courtesy and good behavior.
  3. No weapons or dangerous substances shall be permitted in the restaurant.
  4. No drugs, personal food and drinks are allowed in the restaurant.
  5. Intoxicated or aggressive individuals, individuals under the influence of drugs and individuals in other inappropriate condition will not be allowed.
  6. In case of inappropriate behavior, such as loud shouting, throwing objects, climbing furniture, spraying water around the restaurant, or other examples of harassing other customers, the guest will be asked to leave the restaurant.
  7. Guests are obliged to treat the beer-tapping devices and other restaurant equipment gently and according to the staff’s instructions.
  8. The operator reserves the right to claim full compensation for any damage to the equipment of the restaurant caused by the guest.
  9. Until full payment is made, at least one guest is required to stay at the table.
  10. Any incident of aggression or vulgar behavior is strictly forbidden in the restaurant.
  11. The guest is obliged to follow the instructions of the staff.
  12. It is forbidden to enter areas that are not intended for the public (utility rooms, space behind the bar, storage areas, etc.).
  13. Guests are reminded to refrain from making excessive noise in front of the restaurant and to not disturb the residents of the surrounding buildings.
  14. The operator reserves the right to expel any guest from the restaurant for any inappropriate behavior and a violation of any of the guest rules hereof.
  15. A camera system with recording is installed in the restaurant.
  16. The operator reserves the right to change the guest rules.